Press Reviews For Kevin Thomas Band “A New Heart”

Selected Quotes

“Reviews around the country are calling this latest release top notch, grade A, good old fashion rock and roll. It has a hip downbeat, exhilarating lyrics, and bewitching melodies. What more could you ask for?” Read Whole Review

– Nashville Music Guide


“So a well- traveled, career musician with a poet’s heart and a maestro’s musical ability creates an album of beautiful melodies, funky rhythms and thoughtful, inspiring words….love it!!!”

“Kevin’s music is purposeful and uplifting.” Read Whole Review

– Noho Arts District READ MORE & COMMENT

Are Leprechauns Real?

Are Leprechauns Real?

When you think about it, for centuries now people have been asking “are leprechauns real,” and all the while those elusive creatures have been able to hide away huge pots of gold at the end of continually shifting rainbows without detection. Furthermore, they have done this amidst ever changing weather patterns, and in the middle of what scientists say has been dramatic global warming and climate change. READ MORE & COMMENT

Hippie Kids Flood the Subway

I was 13 years old, living in my home town in New Jersey, where I could gaze at the skyline of center city Philadelphia from Cooper River park, just six or seven blocks down the winding suburban streets from my family’s home. It was my middle-school friend who came up with the idea that we both “borrow” a sneaky amount of tens and twenties from our parents, and jump the train to Philly to see our first stadium rock concert. We would probably both get in a bunch of trouble later, but this would be way worth it! Or would it?