Press Reviews For Kevin Thomas Band “A New Heart”

Selected Quotes

“Reviews around the country are calling this latest release top notch, grade A, good old fashion rock and roll. It has a hip downbeat, exhilarating lyrics, and bewitching melodies. What more could you ask for?” Read Whole Review

– Nashville Music Guide


“So a well- traveled, career musician with a poet’s heart and a maestro’s musical ability creates an album of beautiful melodies, funky rhythms and thoughtful, inspiring words….love it!!!”

“Kevin’s music is purposeful and uplifting.” Read Whole Review

– Noho Arts District


“Kevin places his musicians around him perfectly and mines a real mature sound and vocal delivery here to create a vibrant stew.” Read Whole Review

– Short And Sweet LA


“Can pop-rock be uplifting, positive – and still listenable? San Diego based Kevin Thomas and his band make that a hard yes on this full length release.”

“Kevin’s vocals are melodic, with an idiosyncratic edge that gives him a distinctive sound, and it’s clear he brings a lot of musical chops to the table.” Read Whole Review

– Art & Culture Maven


“You can expect to be treated with upbeat, uplifting, infectious songs that hover on the style spectrum somewhere between jam band, funk and folk rock…with a healthy dose of pop appeal.” Read Whole Review

– Middle Tennessee Music


“The positivity on each track is admirable and is a rare thing to find sometimes. But, Thomas is able to share that energy with ease…it’s laser-focused with great effect.” Read Whole Review

– The Big Sky State Buzz


“He sings with an energetic fervor that is exquisitely infectious exuding a penchant for funky layers of melodies redolent with a mixture of jazz, folk, and rock.” Read Whole Review

– Stars and Celebs


“Kevin Thomas has an unwavering sense of the positive which becomes more addictive as the record progresses.“ Read Whole Review

– Vinyl Chapters


“…a singer-songwriter with a funky and jazzy vibe…Everybody else should find enough here to put a smile on your face.“ Read Whole Review

– Now Hear This


“This record is the ultimate feel-good record with a great positive message. I think we can all relate. “ Read Whole Review

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2 responses to “Press Reviews For Kevin Thomas Band “A New Heart””

  1. Callie H.T. says:

    Very profound lyrics. Help the listener to dive deep within and get lost in one’s SELF. Creative arrangement of the song orders on the album, like taking a journey on a self-discovery trip that most of us can relate to. Great illustration of human conditions in today’s world we are familiar with. A call for a sense of unity conveys throughout the album. Thank you for sharing your talents and spirits with the world, Kevin Thomas Band. Keep on sharing your creativity and love for music with us! Bravo!

    • Kevin Thomas says:

      Yes, I feel that each song is a journey, and as a songwriter my task is to take you to the most significant places, the ones that really matter.

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